So I was involved in discussing a certain Celebrity’s tendency to pose in particular positions.  I proposed that applied kinesiology could be utilized to analyze the pictures that we were merely enjoy in inappropriate ways. I realized I was unsure of the depth of my abilities and complete subject matter in this area.  I looked up some more books.  There are a few listed below.  I’m sure that more can be found in your favorite bookstore/online dealer.  I know that many people obsess over Celebrities that they cannot/ will not ever have.  These books may help in many ways.  They can show you in subtle ways in which they,(the celebrity) isn’t really paying that much attention during certain times.  But in your real life, you will be amazed at how many people are giving you signals that you were ignoring or missing before.  You might have already met Mr./Ms/M. Right and they are wondering why you didn’t notice how strongly they sent those signals.  You can also learn how to spot a lie, a good way to win at poker.  And of course, no knowledge is EVER wasted.  So Go forth and learn!


Ultimate Guide to Dating and Relationship Advice: 32 Experts - 70 Articles by… Trace S. Burrows via @amazon

"I can read you like a book" 

Gregory/ Karinch, Maryann


I Know What You’re Thinking: Using the Four Codes of Reading

By LillianGlass


Words That Work: It’s Not What You Say, It’s What People Hear, Luntz, Frank, Acc

  • Question: If you could have a threesome with and two people who would the other one be? (besides Ben of course) - Anonymous
  • Answer:


    Daniel Radcliffe hell yea

    Tom Hiddleston. Are you Nuts?!

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Buckingham Palace (x)

Hard to think that when I was in London the Millennium Wheel wasn’t there…


Buckingham Palace (x)

Hard to think that when I was in London the Millennium Wheel wasn’t there…

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A new religious statue in the town of Davidson, N.C., is unlike anything you might see in church.

The statue depicts Jesus as a vagrant sleeping on a park bench. St. Alban’s Episcopal Church installed the homeless Jesus statue on its property in the middle of an upscale neighborhood filled with well-kept townhomes.

Jesus is huddled under a blanket with his face and hands obscured; only the crucifixion wounds on his uncovered feet give him away.

The reaction was immediate. Some loved it; some didn’t.

"One woman from the neighborhood actually called police the first time she drove by," says David Boraks, editor of "She thought it was an actual homeless person."

That’s right. Somebody called the cops on Jesus.

"ooh!  a poor person in need of help!  i better make sure they get arrested!"  to me, that’s the issue that’s most troubling.  Apart from that, the statue, and the idea behind it, is one of the parts of Christianity that even a grouchy atheist like me has to admire…

Hey someone actually got the point behind Christianity!

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The Winter Wind

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So I was talking to my Dad and he said that Will Smith from Doctor Who was on tv…


Yes dad. Will Smith of Doctor who.


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Apparently they are Fans…

Don’t listen to a word they say…


The Screams all sound the same…

Thought the truth may Vary…

The Ship will carry our bodies safe to shore

I WAS TRYING TO SLEEP I SWEAR LOL I was just listening to the music and I had to get up because this needed to be done!

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Photo Set


video… hnnng. current sexuality? BCs dance moves…

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